These revival 180 squats stands are made for heavy duty lifting in mind and also to be a   space-efficient squat rack that gives up nothing in quality at the same time.


the perfect all-in-one work station for squats, bench, clean pulls, floor press and overhead press, they have also been made in mind that it can take any length barbell from ez curl bars to full length 7ft oly bars 


included in the price is 1 x set of j hooks 


being that they are standard revival systems 75x75mm uprights like all of our rigs and racks all other attachments will also fit on to the rack for example : landmines dip horns etc.


dimensions and weight 

  • height: 180cm 
  • length: 80cm  
  • width: 80cm
  • weight: 35kg 


Revival 180 Squat Stands