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The Revival systems open hex trap is a great versatile piece of equipment that is not limited to one movement you can perform:

▪️bent over rows 
▪️military press
▪️farmers carries 

The bar is unique compared to a traditional hex bar, as it has an integral loading jack that makes it easier for plate loading and means it can store away in a corner without taking away precious gym space.

The barbell has two styles of knurled grip one the same diameter of a standard barbell/dumbbell and the other a thicker handle too help work on grip strength.

Bar dimensions  :

▪️Bar length: 215cm
▪️Bar width: 60cm 
▪️Bar height: 22cm 
▪️Small handle diameter: 3cm
▪️Big handle diameter: 5cm 
▪️Loadable shaft length: 38cm 
▪️Load rated too: 325kg 
▪️Bar weight: 25kg

Open hex trap bar

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