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The revival systems gym package has all the essentials to build a training station wether in the gym or at home, the equipment is commercial grade and built to last 

The Package consist off: 

➡️revival 270 squat rack 

-Our rack is built with 75MM x 75MM box sections with 3mm thick steel.

-  Our J Hooks are plastic lined to maintain the longevity of your barbells when re racking into the squat rack. 

- There is the option to fix the squat rack to the ground with ground anchors if this is wanted but this is not a necessity for people wanting flexibility to manoeuvre equipment.   

Rack dimensions: 
- length :125cm
- width: 125cm
- height:180cm
- rated too 420kg

➡️revival flat bench 

The revival systems flat bench is a heavy duty commercial grade bench dimensions and weight:

Bench dimensions: 
-Length 125cm
-width 30cm
-height 50cm
-weight 27kg
-load rated too 450kg 

➡️olympic barbell (commando bar)

Female and male 15kg / 20kg barbell options available: 
20kg black oxide revival commando bar  
Specification : 
- 2 inch loadable sleeves 
- 8 piece needle bearing 
- Bronzed bushings
- Load rated too 2000lbs 
- No Center Knurling
- Loadable Sleeve Length 405mm
- Handle Diameter 28mm
- Sleeve Diameter 50mm

15kg  black oxide revival commando bar  
Specification : 
- 2 inch loadabl